Glenn & Michael: Chicago Engagements

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Let me start by saying that I am so very grateful for these two souls. The moment I know we were all going to be a great fit is when Glenn and Michael both greeted me at the table with the biggest of hugs. I learned very quickly that the two of them have some of the most kind, transparent, and honest hearts. It didn't take long before they started speaking opening about the love they have for one another, their strengths and how they fell in love. At the time, we were all complete strangers and opening up to a complete stranger is not an easy task. Glenn and Michael did it with such ease. And Ugh! The way their eyes light up when talking about one another is to die for! These two just radiate all sorts of good feelings and it is literally impossible to be anything but happy when in their presence.

During the early planning stages of their engagement session, Glenn and Michael mentioned that they were going for a fun, beach type feel. I was elated because I had had this photo idea for months that involved utilizing the crazy lake Michigan waves that have been eating up the lakeshore this summer but hadn't yet found the perfect couple for the part. I pitched the idea to these guys and as soon as I explained my vision they were all in and so excited! We were all excited!

Although Glenn & Michael's engagements took place in a busy public space, once they were tangled up together in the water it was as if they were completely alone. Completely alone, snuggled up with one another while the sun set behind the skyline. Nothing else mattered. It was a moment so heart warming to witness and I felt truly blessed to have been invited in to share in their love story. Whole heartedly, I can say that I love the love these two have! Couples like Glenn and Michael give me a hard reminder as to why I love this brilliant, diverse city of Chicago and why my job is one of the all time greatest jobs in the whole wide world. What a gift it is to sit back and document beautiful people just being themselves and being in love.

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