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Hi, I'm Bri.

An artist, a foodie and a "dance anywhere anytime" type of girl!

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Brianna laughing in front of two elephants

The way I choose to live my life is simple, by being present in everything I do. The little things are SO very big to me! Experiences like that first sip of espresso in the morning, welcoming home a new plant baby, my toes touching lake water for the first time after a long winter, feeling rain drops land on my skin and hearing “I love you.” every night right before bed. These are only a few of the little things that make me feel alive and these such feelings are what I believe to be the key to a happy life.

If you ask me why I became a photographer, I could lie and tell you that from the moment I picked up my first camera that this is what I was destined to be...but that's not true. It kinda snuck up on me! I always knew I saw the world and people a little differently but it wasn't until I was pursuing my college degree that I found my love for human interaction, body language, and intimacy through photography. This quickly and quite easily became the focus of my art and continues to be the focus in my photography career. Capturing a photo is easy, but capturing life's little moments in a way that makes you feel it over and over again is what I am continually striving to achieve in my work.

The things that make me, me!

All the food.

I am always cooking my favorite meals from other countries/restaurants and researching ways to make my food completely from scratch. If I could try all the food ever made on this earth, it would be a dream come true. I always thought that if I hadn't become a wedding photographer, I would have pursued being a chef.


New cultures. Unfamiliar locations. Faces of all colors and wrinkles. Views of Mt. Everest from an airplane window. Children waving to me on the streets of Vietnam. Partaking in rich celebrations. The adrenaline rush of trying to catch transportation in a foreign country. When body language is the only language. This is my shit!

Brianna and Mikey both smiling at the camera

My Mikey.

He loves me for the indecisive, embarrassing, fireball that I am. He values time spent together, shut off from the world, just as much as I do. Best of all, he gives me the hard honest truth when needed while still always pushing me to be the best version of myself. Loving him and being loved by him is easily the most worthwhile aspect of my life.

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Come as you are.
Be who you are.

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