Hey there!

I'm Bri.

An artist, a foodie and a "dance anywhere anytime" type of girl!

more about me

Heyyyyyyyy! It's me, Bri! I can drink margaritas like it’s my job and get down with my bad self to some old school hip-hop. I own too many house plants and most definitely belong on a beach. I miiiiight listen to way too much Drake (okay, I do) and I almost always have a messy bun on top of my head. These are the things people know me for but that doesn't mean they are the most important things about me.

The way I choose to live my life is simple, by being present in everything I do. The little things are SO very big to me! Experiences like that first sip of espresso in the morning, welcoming home a new plant baby, my toes touching lake water for the first time after a long winter, listening to the man in the apartment below mine play on his key board, feeling rain drops land on my skin and hearing “I love you.” every night right before bed. These are the moments that make me feel alive and these such feelings are what I believe to be the key to a happy life.

If you ask me why I became a photographer, I could lie and tell you that it's in my blood and I knew from the moment I picked up my first camera that this is what I was destined to be...but that's not true. It kinda snuck up on me! I always knew I saw the world and people a little differently but it wasn't until I was pursuing my college degree that I found my love for human interaction, body language, and intimacy through photography. This quickly became the focus of my art and continues to be the focus in my photography career. Capturing a photo is easy, but capturing life's little moments in a way that makes you feel it over and over again is what I am continually striving to achieve in my work.

If you want to learn more about the business side of me and how I got started in this wild world of wedding photography, take a look at my interview with Voyage Chicago here! If you want to learn more about me as a human (and my weirdness) then hell, come meet me out for coffee! I am always game to get hyped on espresso!

More things that make me, me!

All the food.

In the famous words of Migos: “I'm cookin! I'm cookin! I’m whippin! I’m whippin”! If I’m not working or playing in the outdoors, you most definitely will find me eating! I love food and saying that I "live to eat” is an understatement! When I was younger, a running joke in my family was that every fifteen minutes I would say to my parents “’I’m hungry”. Welp, I'm still hungry! Always hungry! If I could try all the food ever made on this earth, it would be a freaking dream come true but if I could learn how to cook all the food on this earth, then oh my gosh I would be complete! Trying out new recipes or recreating ones from top restaurants is my favorite past time. Food Network is my lifeline and Cut Throat Kitchen is a guilty pleasure. Come breakfast time I am already curious what is on tab for dinner and come dinner obviously there needs to be dessert. Food is life.


I am not very good at sitting still, like, at all really! I am always up and about, walking to nowhere and seeing new places. I could spend day after day walking along the Chicago lakeshore, through Charleston’s historic neighborhoods, hiking national parks, biking to my favorite coffee shop or treading water in the ocean. Call me a day dreamer, but in a perfect world I would never have to get in a car and sidewalks wouldn't all the sudden just end (pet peeve alert)! Being on the move has always motivated me and spending time in a new place other than home recharges my batteries. Wedding photography can sometimes be a sedentary job, and in order to keep things fresh and exciting I have found that going for a run, traveling to a new destination for the weekend or even just having a quick dance session at home does the trick!
Point blank: I like to be on my feet!

My Mikey.

Oh where do I begin...this guy makes me believe in love. He loves me for the indecisive, embarrassing, fireball that I am. This man hugs and cuddles me when I’m exhausted, comes home with flowers “just because” and gets Chinese take out when my day is packed to the brim with work. He values time spent together shut off from the world just as much as I do and doesn’t mind if our quality time consists of doing nothing or doing everything. At times he comes to weddings and sessions with me just to carry my bag (what a guy) and although he can’t cook worth a damn, he continually wants to learn. Best of all though, my Mikey is my sassy companion who gives me the hard honest truth when needed while still always pushing me to be the best version of myself. Loving him and being loved by him continues to be the easiest and most worthwhile aspect of my life.