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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you offer discounts?

No. Please understand that this is not my hobby or side job. This is my full time career. If at any point you are afraid that I am out of your price range, please reach out and let me know this before totally scratching me off of your list. I am always willing to put together a package & price that is fair to the both of us.

Can you Photoshop us to look skinnier?

Nope! I have always based my business off of one core belief; "Come as you are, be who you are.” I super pinky swear promise to showcase all your natural beauty. If needed, I will do some light skin retouching for zits & blemishes but anything past the temporary things, I do not photoshop. If you are super self conscious about something, please let me know in advance and I can keep that in mind while shooting..

What do we wear for photos?

These photos are about who YOU are. Dress like your going out on your favorite date and be sure to feel comfortable and confident. You can always ask me questions and/or send me pictures of your clothing options should you need a professional opinion.

What time of day is best to shoot?

Early morning sunrise or a few hours before sunset is the best and prime time to shoot. This is when the sun is at it’s prettiest! You want to avoid high noon sunlight and instead soak up some golden glows and warm fuzzy rays.

Should we add on a second photographer for our wedding day?

A second shooter is included in both the 8 hour and 10 hour package. If you choose a package that does not include a second photographer, I encourage you to think about the number of guests invited, the venue, and the timeframe of your day. A second photographer is a very popular option for a multitude of reasons. Let's chat further and I can tell you all about when and why a second shooter is a great addition.

Should we add an engagement session to our wedding package?

Engagement sessions are included with every wedding package. Why? Because the biggest benefit of booking an engagement session is that you get insight into what it is like shooting with me. This gives us the opportunity to get fully comfortable with one another which means no awkwardness or warm up time on your wedding day. This is a win win and definitely makes a big difference in your final wedding gallery.

What if we need to reschedule a session due to weather?

So the weather is raining on our parade. Now what? Fear not! I come stacked with clear plastic umbrellas and my handy dandy grocery bag camera protector. Rainy sessions are some of my all time favorites. The mood and atmosphere that rain creates is to die for! Instead of shying away, let's take full advantage! But, if all else fails and it's monsooning outside, rescheduling is no problem at all. We would choose the next best available date for the session based on everyones availability.

What happens if you can’t make it to our wedding?

The only time I would ever miss a wedding date would be due to severe illness of a close family member or myself. I pride myself on always being upfront and honest with all my couples, so should I be unable to make it to your wedding for any reason, I would let you know at the earliest convenience and already have a back up photographer ready for your day. He/She would have a shooting style that closely resembles my own. He/She would be there to photograph your day and I would be responsible for all the editing. This way, your wedding portfolio still reflects the work you hired me for.

What if we have to reschedule our wedding?

I do understand life happens and the unexpected can occur. All I ask is that you let me know at the absolute earliest convenience. Should you have to reschedule your wedding, I am more than willing to do everything I can to clear up my schedule for the new date but please understand I have prior commitments to other couples who also booked me for their big day. Should I be unavailable for your new wedding date, I can do my very best to find another photographer with similar style to mine to shoot your day. I would then edit the images. If all that fails or you prefer to book someone else, then you would be responsible for finding a new photographer and the deposit that was paid upon booking would remain non-refundable. The remaining balance would no longer be paid and a cancellation contract would need to be signed. Should your wedding be cancelled for any reason, the deposit that was paid upon booking would remain non-refundable and a cancellation contract would need to be signed.

Do you help with the planning process?

Of course! I would never leave you hanging! From the very beginning I am here to make your entire wedding planning process easier. We will meet to discuss timelines, locations, lighting and so much more. Upon booking with me, you will even receive an exclusive wedding planning guide filled with sooooo much information in which I have acquired from my years of shooting weddings.

How quickly can we expect to hear back from you?

My business is the love of my life but my parents, niece, nephew and husband are my world. While I take more time to be present in my daily life, I do not answer emails outside of my work hours (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm). My attention on the weekends (Sat – Sun) is 100% reserved for weddings, engagements and quality time with my own family. You can expect a response from me within 24 hours of inquiry unless inquired after 5pm on Friday when you can then expect to hear from me first thing Monday morning.

What is the best way to contact you?

Right here on my website! I can’t wait to hear from you!

How do you charge for travel expenses?

Travel is included for all weddings within a 100 mile roundtrip radius of Chicago. For weddings that fall outside of that radius, travel expenses can vary greatly depending on location. Because of this, payment for travel expenses are invoiced separately and due within one week of receiving the invoice. I always confirm prices with you before booking to ensure there are no surprises. I am open to staying with you, your family or in an airb&b to help save money. Should it be possible, I am also willing to get picked up and dropped off at an airport to save on rental car costs.

How does payment work?

I require a signed contract and non-refundable deposit for every wedding and smaller session. Once the contract is signed and deposit received, your date will be reserved in my calendar. Deposits are half of the package price and come directly out of your total. The remainder of the total is due at the very latest one week before your wedding and day of for small sessions. If you would like to pay in installments, just let me know and we can work this out.

How long is your turn around time?

For weddings, you can expect to receive your images within 1-4 weeks after the day. For small sessions expect 1-2 weeks.

How many photos will we receive?

I do not put a cap on the amount of photos my couples receive. Memories are so important and I do not believe in leaving out an image purely for the sake of cutting down on editing time. Your memories will be documented and given to you in exactly the way they unfold. I do however provide a minimum number of images that you will receive based on the specific package you choose.

Do we get the RAW or unedited images?

No. When booking me, you trust me to curate the best of the best images from your day. I promise I do not withhold any images of value or importance. Images are cleanly edited, organized and thoughtfully incorporated into your unique gallery so you can relive your moments from start to finish.

What type of photography do you offer?

I offer genuine, emotional photography. No stiff poses and no set up. Just you interacting and being you. My work is honest and geared towards each individual couple. Working with me requires complete vulnerability. If you are afraid to get your dress dirty, worried about the wind messing up your hair, only looking to spare a couple minutes for photos, looking for cookie cutter poses or all flash photography, then I am not the best fit for your needs.

Where are you based?

My roots are planted in good ol' Chicagoland, Illinois but I have extensive travel experience both within the US and internationally. Wherever you want to take me, I will go!

How long have you been shooting weddings?

10 years and counting! I also worked for a company for 4 years prior to going solo.

How many weddings do you book in a year?

This number fully depends on the amount of couples in which I truly feel a connection with. I do however like to keep my numbers between 20-25 per season. This allows me enough time to truly get to know my couples and be with them every step of the way.

Do you only photograph weddings and engagements?

My main focus is wedding and engagement stories, but I also photograph maternity and family sessions! All sessions with me are either outdoor or in home candid lifestyle sessions.

The Experience.

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I understand...
Dad and I

I know personally how important photos are. Having lost my father five years ago, preparing for the funeral brought me to a sad realization; I have no recent photos of me with my dad. As a photographer, this hit home and it hit HARD. I took that grief and applied it towards my business. I reevaluated what is truly important in this life and from that day forward,  I have been working tirelessly for my couples collecting as many genuine and authentic moments as I possibly could. Because of this, with me, you will never have to feel the sad realization that I felt when looking back in time. I got you. I understand.

I understand that capturing your memories is not about a shot list, what makes my portfolio look good or a pay check. I understand that this job is a big freaking deal! Because I know the photos I take today will someday be the only thing you have left to remember yourselves, your loved ones and a time when you were young, in love and life was good. Therefore, I promise to cherish and treat all of your memories as if they are my own.

Below are the core values of my business. If you resonate with these values, then let's chat.

Come as you are.
Be who you are.

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My love languages are physical touch and quality time. I dance a lot in my kitchen whether it be alone, in front of people or for no reason at all. I value honesty and communication above all else, therefore, I have a soft spot for people who speak their mind.

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Come as you are.
Be who you are.

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