Andrea & Austin: Lilac Love Story

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We saw lilacs and didn't hesitate! That is the short story of how Andrea and Austin's flowery photoshoot came to be! Being from the midwest, a wall of flowers is not something we get to see everyday. That is more so a Portland thing. We kept saying to each other "Between the overcast sky and long wall of lilacs, are we sure we are in Illinois?' Sadly, no more than a couple days later, the frequent storms blew away all the pedals and left nothing but green. My heart is so grateful that Andrea, Austin and I took full advantage when we had the chance. These two came excited, comfy, and ready to do some weird shit! We laughed, played, danced (a lot) to Toto's "Africa", took in all the pretty smells, and may or may not have laid down in some puddles. Spoiler alert: we did! High fives to these beautiful souls!

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