Jess & Kent: Married in Charleston

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Underneath the mossy oaks and falling flowers, I have never seen a couple look more married! Jess and Kent came all the way from Brooklyn NY to say "I-do" in the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina sunshine. They invited 50 of their closest friends and family, set up chairs under a large angel oak tree, and did the damn thing! Many tears were shed, so much whisky drank and the unending laughter of their loved ones echoed on through the night.

Up until the wedding weekend, Jess, Kent & I had only spoken via video chat but our first time sharing hugs and actually being face to face was like reconnecting with old friends. The day before the wedding we scouted out their ceremony location where they also showed me their fresh new tattoos. "We never need a reason to get a tattoo, but we thought this occasion called for new ink" said Jess. On the day of their wedding, they hopped in my rental and we rode around downtown Charleston, explored the southern neighborhoods, got out to take photos, laughed, snuck shots of whisky, and there may or may not have been some ass grabbing involved. Ohhh I love photographing me a good booty grab! These two were down with the weird and rolled with the punches. In fact, the first thing Jess said to me on her wedding day upon my arrival to their AirB&B was "Bri, we have the best bathroom! I am in love with our bathroom and we need to do portraits in there!" So we did portraits in their bad ass bathroom! Charleston is an amazingly beautiful city on the coast, one of my favorites, but Jess & Kent definitely stole the show with their strong, intimate, "I got your back homie" love story. I am so grateful they choose me to to tag along with them on one of the greatest days of their lives. Badass couples = Badass wedding photos!

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