What happened on our first trip in 2020:


We decided to take a year off to travel back in 2020. Whoomp whoomp…

Beginning of 2020 Mikey and I (Bri), made the decision to put our jobs on hold, shove a small amount of things into a backpack and leave our home country (USA) to explore this wonderful planet! According to our itinerary, we were to be gone January 2020 to May of 2021. Welp, there is no surprise ending here folks! Obviously 2020 was a poor choice as Corona Virus hit and the world went into lockdown. Our year plus away ended abruptly at 4 months.

In those 4 months, we made it to 6 countries, although not explored as throughly as we would of liked…but hey! We were new to travel and just getting a feel for our style. Below are the 6 countries we saw, which we now hold very near and dear to our hearts:

🏔 New Zealand

🥭 Indonessia (Bali)

🏙 Vietnam (Hanoi)

🌴 Thailand


🐪India (Golden Triangle)

The day our plane landed in Delhi, was the day India got their first case of Covid. Not much was known yet and the initial spread was very slow allowing us to still see and do all the things we hoped. But when it was time for us to move onto to our next destination all air travel ceased and India entered into the worlds largest, longest & strictest lockdown in history. We were completely stuck.

Getting evacuated by the US government was a shit show. Truly.

Pushkar —> Jaipur (2 hr taxi)

Jaipur —> Delhi (4.5 hr bus ride)

Delhi —> San Fran (15 hr flight)

Layover (6 hr)

San Fran —> Chicago (3.5 hr flight)

Chicago —> Home (45 min drive)

We finally arrived home and everything was completely different. Our home country was in complete disarray politically & humanly and our reverse culture shock was intense. We felt misplaced, uninterested in things that used to hold such a high priority to us and angry. Extremely angry.

Fast forward 2 years, 1 marriage (Us! Yay!🥰) and a trip to Tanzania 🇹🇿 to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro and here we finally are repacking our bags and planning our itinerary for World tour round 2!

Trip officially begins January 17, 2023!!!!


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