India (2020) - Delhi, Vrindavan, Agra, Jaipur & Pushkar


So sorry if these photos make you feel anxious, chaotic or both. India was in fact the most fast paced, packed full country that Mike and I have ever stepped foot in. If I am to be honest, it was a bit too much on us at times but I wouldn't trade the experience for the whole wide world! India is my favorite country to date that we have visited (Mike will strongly disagree) and it's not because of the typical reasons most travelers fall in love with a destination. It is simply because of the energy that India holds. I am very much an extrovert and love the chaos (Mike is the opposite), so I was lit up in Old Delhi (Mike was stressed out)! You want a hectic, loud, location with zero personal space? Old Delhi is it!

As many know already, India is where Mike and I got stuck when the Pandemic hit. And while India received its fist reported case of Covid on the day that our plane arrived into the country, we somehow stayed one day ahead of the rapid closures and completed everything on our wish list. We ate our weight in street food in Delhi. partook in the rich celebration of Holi in Vrindavan (un real!), sprinted after a moving train in Mathura, celebrated my 28th birthday gazing upon the Taj Mahal, and were lucky enough to get stuck with the most amazing family on their beautiful farm as the world shut down and India entered into the largest/longest lockdown ever recorded in history.

India, you were more than a whirlwind. You were crazy, delicious, vibrant, stress inducing, breath taking, confusing, annoying and absolutely heart-wrenching-ly life changing. You will forever hold a big piece of our heart.

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