We are traveling the world!

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This is not a drill!

Mike and I are traveling the globe and we couldn’t be more excited! By no means is this a vacation (okay maybe just a little) but instead a period of growth, learning, and opening our minds to everything the world and its people has to offer. We can not wait to dive into different cultures, lifestyles and SO much food!!!

I have to say, we are so shocked at the amount of positive feedback we have received from friends, family, and other photographers across the world. We can’t say enough how grateful we are for the crazy number of people from our communities who have offered to open their doors to us during our travels. The kindness of the human race is truly amazing and we are feeling so humbled to be able to get this opportunity to meet so many new faces!

Follow Along

Whenever possible, I will be doing my best to update our instagram page. This will be the easiest way to follow along on our travels. Give our Instagram handle a follow: #AYearOrSo

Calling all couples!

Bri Short Photography is not booking weddings for 2020 but is looking for couples from around the world who are willing to open up their love to us. Mike and I are looking to meet as many down to earth couples as we can who want to meet up for a few hours to shoot the shit and get their photos taken by yours truly. Photo sessions would range from 30 min to an hour and will be completely free! Photos will be taken and backed up to a cloud system for safe keeping. All photos taken will be edited and delivered upon our arrival home in 2021. I know this sounds like a crazy wait, but please understand that traveling the world is a once in a lifetime experience and I do not wish to focus all my energy on editing while we are away.

If you or anyone you know from around the globe is interested, please shoot me a direct message asap. I promise we don't bite and we definitely know how to have a good time! In your message, please be sure to include the country + city you live in (or the country you are visiting and want photos in), an email address and/or phone number, and a little bit about you and your partner. Bonus points if you are cool enough to send us a picture of your cute selves! You can email me directly at Bri@BriShort.com.

Response Time

As we make our way around the globe, our communication will be limited. Because of this, Bri Short Photography will not begin booking weddings for 2021 until arriving home. If your email is in regards to a free couples session, please be patient, you will receive a response as soon as I am able. We want to be completely present in our travels and the new people we meet along the way, so our phones will be turned off and placed in our pockets until we have designated time to first catch up with family and then check our emails. I super appreciate your understanding!

Tentative Schedule

Our current schedule is completely tentative. We know for a fact that we absolutely can not make plans to make plans. Because of this, countries may change and our designated time frames for each country could extend or be cut short. For now, here is our rough draft timeline for our first 6 months of travel. As we approach the end of June, We will update this schedule to give a better idea of what our European + South American route will look like. If dates align, come be our travel buddies! We would love to see some familiar faces and create new life long travel memories!

December 9 - January 7: New Zealand

January 7-18: Bali, Indonesia

January 19-25: Hanoi, Vietnam

January 26 - March 3: : Thailand / Loas

March 4- April 1: India

April - June: USA (Due to Covid-19)

June: Central Vietnam / Java, Indonesia

July - November: Turkey / Eastern Europe / Iceland / Morocco / Egypt

November -February: Costa Rica / Peru / Chile / Argentina

February 11 -25 (2021): Tanzania

We hope we get a chance to meet you!

~ Bri & Mike

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