Thailand (2020) - Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai & Koh Lanta


When Mike and I travel we like to walk and bike through as many of the local downtowns and markets as possible and eat as much food as our bellies can handle. And while we aren't big on churches, temples in Thailand some things, like the temples, you just have to see! So we did. We saw sooooo many temples! So many in fact, that by the time we saw the last one we were completely uninterested in the temples themselves and more interested in people watching. We did however have a few favorites amongst the many. Mike and I were blown away by Wat Pho with its immense detail and character throughout and big lady Buddha was beautiful as well! The true highlight of our time in Thailand though was volunteering at an elephant sanctuary. We got to take jungle strolls alongside four old lady elephants and even join them in a river bath! This was a completely unforgettable experience to be so close to such gentle giants.

Once we were done hopping from city to city, we made our way to a quiet, lesser known, island called Koh Lanta. We absolutely adored it here!!! We spent our days motor biking around the island (and crashing), checking out all the different beaches, wading in the ocean, picking up pizza from a pizza cart lady and like old people, going to bed early. When we think of this first trip to Thailand, we think about Koh Lanta mostly.

We wish we would have seen less temples and more beach towns. So next time around, we are going to move slower and bum our way through as many small islands as possible. And hey, maybe I will even get on a moped again! I think I am over my PTSD from the crash...

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