Destination Couples Session in Pushkar, India

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Zahida & Pramod live and run a gorgeous guesthouse in Pushkar, India. The house sits on a flower farm surrounded by mountains. They never got to do a photo shoot after their marriage and in my opinion, everyone deserves wedding photos! So they snuggled up on their porch together at sunset and trusted me with their sweet memories.

Mike and I happened to be traveling through India when the Corona Virus pandemic hit. Countries began closing their borders and as tourists in a foreign country, it wasn’t the safest time for us to be out. Zahida and Pramod took us in, kept us safe and treated us like family. Every evening Mike and I felt so very lucky to be sitting on this porch ending the night by watching the sun set behind the mountains. Our gratitude runs so very deep for these two humans. They truly are our family from the other side of the world.

Destination Couples Session in Pushkar, India
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