Destination Couples Session in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Natalie & Phil were friends for years before finally crossing the line from friendship into relationship. After dating throughout college and after, they packed up their life and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a new start. Phil is a Muay Thai instructor and Natalie teaches English to little minds. Mike and I were traveling through Thailand this past February when Natalie reached out to me in regards to grabbing some noodles and booking a photo shoot. While enjoying some Thai desserts at the downtown night market, we set a date and not long after met up with her and Phil for photos in a cute little back alley. We walked our way through the alley dodging mopeds and finding hidden gems of painted murals along the way. Natalie & Phil have a very extroverted and goofy love. They didn't waste any time opening up in front of the camera and laughed their entire way through their photo session! Mike and I were laughing right there along with them! So glad we could make some friends in a far away country and can't wait for the next time our feet get to touch down in beautiful Thailand!

Destination Couples Session in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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