New Zealand Landscapes.

New Zealand

When people ask us what we did in NZ, the only answer we really come up with is “We walked." As odd as it sounds, we really did just walk anywhere and everywhere we could. It was summer on the island so the weather was nearly perfect! We visited national parks, world heritage sites and even a few locations known only by locals. The landscapes are so diverse! One day we could be hanging out in farmland and the next day we were breaking our necks gazing upon some of New Zealand’s highest mountains.

When we think of NZ, we think about the amazing views! Upon returning home, we realized that 90% of our photos from New Zealand were of just that. Landscapes! So here is a compiled gallery of some of New Zealand’s beauty. We explored cities, farmland, national parks, volcanic valleys, glaciers, lush forests, campgrounds, winding roads, lakes, mountain peaks, fields of flowers, swing bridges and so much more. In the short month we were there, we didn’t even scratch the surface of all that New Zealand has to offer! Damn...we miss this beautiful Kiwi country!

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