San Diego California, October 2019

San Diego California, United States of America

Before Mike and I took off to travel the globe, we did a test run in our home country USA! We chose San Diego, California as our practice trip in order to learn more about the type of travelers we really are.

First thing we learned, we do NOT like to follow a plan and we do not like doing what everyone else has already done. We like to walk everywhere and anywhere! We learned real fast that our favorite travel memories are those small little moments in between all the sight seeing. We want culture. We want local human beings. We want authentic. We want to leave a place feeling like we really got to know it. Traveling is important to us for one major reason. To change us. We want our experiences to be 100% our own. Sure, we can follow a “TOP THINGS TO SEE AND DO” list...but honestly, we tried that one day and it f***ing sucked.

During our short week here, we found and rated the coffee shops we tried (it’s one of our favorite things to do as a couple, honestly). We explored the downtown and harbor. We gawked over all the succulents and cacti that are everywhere. We discovered some bomb ass burrata pizza and the most swanky rooftop bar of all time. We did so much hiking in La Jolla and participated in the laid back hippy beach culture of Oceanside and we hit up Sunset cliffs for some golden hour beauty. The most memorable part of our entire trip though was when we un-expectedly happened upon a nude beach and decided to join in on the fun. Literally, THE BEST!

Cali was our first adventure before beginning our world tour. Cali is where we got to dip our toes in the world of backpacking and discover little by little what kind of travelers we wanted to be. Cali was good to us. Really good.

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