Sari & Zach: Chicago Winery Wedding

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Sari and Zach have this way of making everyone around them feel so loved and cared for. I saw it first in the way they held on to each other at our first meeting while talking me through their wedding plans. Shortly after, I felt it when they invited Mike and I into their home and showered us with donuts before we went location scouting. Lastly, I saw it in their connections with their friends and family all through out their wedding day. These two are hella loved and in return they love everyone back so hard! Their wedding took place at City Winery in Chicago. Their day was filled with beautiful lighting, classy touches, and modern glam. All of which could not have been anymore more fitting for the two of them! From the get go, Sari, Zach and I worked so closely planning out every detail, location, lighting and more. A couple with a detailed spreadsheet of events is a couple after my own heart! They didn't have to go far for beautiful views and scenic locations. Their downtown Chicago apartment had plenty to go around! Sari & Zach's wedding was not only a celebration of love, but also a big going away party. Turns out their bags were already packed and ready for their big move to New York City. And how did they honor that move to the big apple? By having one big dance party under confetti to the song Empire State of Mind. It was a perfect end to an amazing day and a perfect beginning to their new life together. New York doesn't even know how lucky it is to be gaining two new incredible souls!

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