Lucas & John-Michael: Chicago In Home

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John-Michael & Lucas invited me into their home for a little love session and by the time our shoot was over I was completely smitten by them! There was SO MUCH LOVE!!! Our original plans consisted of shooting outdoors but everything changed when the grey Chicago sky's opened up. Due to the storms, we opted for an in home session and I wouldn't have changed it for the world! The rain is my favorite! You see, not only does it make for the best lighting but it creates a moody, emotional, and intimate atmosphere. I think this weather was the perfect kind of weather for John-Michal and Lucas. These two snuggled, laughed and rolled around all over the place. They embraced their home and the comfort they brought one another. Through out their session, they really opened up about why they love one another. One line in particular stuck in my head and that was when John-Michael poured his heart out to Lucas. He said "Well for me, it's the fact that I am just so in love with you in every way. Even when we are just out and about. I mean, we go to gay mens choir every Sunday and I only see you. No one else in the room matters."

Ladies and Gentleman, THIS is what my job is all about. Couples like John-Micael & Lucas make my heart beat so damn hard. Love is love no matter who you are or where you come from. Race, gender, religion etc. does not matter! When you love someone, you love them. It's as simple as that.

Lucas & John-Michael: Chicago In Home
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