James & Stacy: Downtown Aurora, Illinois

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The love birds of all love birds! James & Stacy were a hoot! See what I did there? When I say that Stacy couldn’t stop laughing for their entire session which inevitably sent me into a fit of laughter the entire time! Even when she isn't smiling, you can tell that it is extremely hard for her not to. It was a rainy day in Aurora but we decided to go through with shooting their session anyway. We arrived at our roof top destination and the falling rain was the romantic, light, type of rain that made you want to slosh around in some puddles and admire the clouds as they rolled along past us. James and Stacy were fully lost in one another and played around like two children outside for the first time in spring. We were greeted by Sir. Rainbow towards the end of our session along with some golden light as the sunset squeezed its way between the last remaining clouds. This entire evening was one to remember for sure and we celebrated their successful photo shoot by shoveling down Jarritos and Tacos at a nearby Mexican joint. Couples like James & Stacy are the exact reason why my job is so rewarding. Non-stop laughs, trusting in me fully, and never, not once, overthinking what it means to love each other. I am so blessed by these two as well as all the tacos I ate that night.

James & Stacy: Downtown Aurora, Illinois
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