Sarah & Sam: Married in Maui

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Oh Sarah & Sam, where do I even begin with these two...Sarah is my strong, boss lady friend who can’t stop smiling and always goes out of her way to make others happy. Proof: there is a photo within this album of Sarah with the hugest of all huge smiles placing dinner on her Sam’s plate. I have never in a million years seen someone look so happy to be taking care of their significant other. Now Sam, the more soft-spoken shy one of the two, loves Sarah like wild fire and I can see why! Sam always has Sarah’s back and makes it a point to be sure Sarah feels is loved. I remember one day I was hanging out at their place when Sam came walking through the door. Sarah's eyes lit up (the same way they do every time he comes home)! She immediately whipped her head backwards and said "Kiss me and tell me I am beautiful!". "You are beautiful." Sam said. *Kiss*.

The love these two share really is one of the most genuine and "all in it" types of love I have ever witnessed. To say I was excited when they asked me if I wanted to photograph their wedding celebration would be an understatement. I could have screamed right then and there! These two said “I do” privately at the courthouse in IL and saved their party for the laid back, beautiful island of Maui. They invited a total of 40 people, and stated their vows in the sunshine as the waves rolled in behind them. Leis were given out to everyone, the food was unforgettable, and the rest of the night was one hell of a dance party under the stars! Words truly cannot begin to describe how grateful I am to Sarah and Sam for gifting not only me, but also my Mikey with a trip of a lifetime. Some of my fondest memories are from their wedding day and I couldn't have asked for a better couple to spend our time with enjoying the warm ocean breeze. Maui or bust bay–bay! Let’s do it all over again!

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