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I have been a photographer for nine years now and have always based my business off of one core belief; "Come as you are, be who you are.” Okay, so you’re not a model…dah! I don’t want models! Are you awkward in front of the camera? Cool! I want real couples with real love stories. I want to invest my time in those who believe in being present, upfront, and always honest. Opening up your love to a complete stranger can be scary, I know. But in return I promise to make you feel comfortable, happy, and beautiful not only in your own skin but in your love for one another. While earning my college degree, I gradually found my love in capturing human beings in all their glory and today photography is what still gets me weird with excitement! Over 6 years ago I fell in love with wedding photography and now everyday I get to fall in love with all of you!

So, what allows me to deliver the best of my artistic talent? Give me all the natural light! Outdoor locations and sun soaked windows are as close to heaven as I can get! Give me unexpected backdrops and playful locations. I like the unordinary, the quirky, the “I would have never thought to shoot there” spots. I am an adventurous soul by nature and getting crazy creative with my clients comes easy to me. If you aren’t afraid to get your feet dirty, play in the rain, lay on the ground, take a dip, or laugh uncontrollably with or at your significant other (and me) then we will be the best of friends!

Do I sound like your type of human? If so, I am dying to meet you!  Contact me today!

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