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What type of photography do you offer?

I am a natural light enthusiast! You will find me soaking up every last drop of the sun. The outdoors is my studio and my inspiration. The candid and natural is what sparks my creativity. The raw emotions, the real, the in between moments, these are gold to me! Candid is key, so come as yourselves, be yourselves.

With that being said, I offer the real, the genuine and the emotional moments. No stiff poses and no set up, just you interacting and being. If you are afraid to get your dress dirty, worried about the wind messing up your hair, only looking to spare 30 minutes for photos on the big day, looking for cookie cutter poses or all flash photography, then maybe we aren’t the best fit. I pride myself on keeping my work, raw, honest and true to each individual couple and appreciate clients who book me not only for me but for my style and creativity.

What is your main location?

My home is in gorgeous Charleston SC + the windy city of Chicago IL. Yes, I have two home bases! I serve the downtown areas as well as all the surrounding suburbs! No travel fees for either location!

Are you available for travel?

Uh huh! Uh huh!! Uh huh!!! (queue the old school dancing). I cannot get enough of traveling! I offer discounts to travelers and am always open to making new life long friends! So whether your getting married, engaged, or just have a little extra space to fill in your suitcase, I am so there!

Social media is crazy. Where can I keep up with you daily?

If you want to get a feel for my work, I post recent session high lights and full album announcements on my Facebook page, but Instagram is my go to! I post daily there, with photos from new and old sessions, special discount deals, free offers, couple/model calls, and here and there I will sneak in some weird facts about myself. You can find me on both Facebook and Instagram as Bri Short Photography.

What is the best way to contact you?

You can contact me right here on my website! Head on over to my “Contact” page. Please be sure to include in your message a little bit about yourselves and your love! You can also contact me directly via email at

We want to meet you. Where should we meet?

You are located in the city of Chicago.
I am all about finding new and exciting coffee, ice cream, or sandwich shops. If you have a favorite place, lets meet there!

You are located in the outer suburbs.
Lets choose a place half way between yourself and Chicago. A Starbucks Coffee or Panera Bread tends to work best.

Do we have to set up a meeting with you?

Technically, you do not have to, but there are many reasons why it is important to meet. I am a strong believer in connecting with each one of my couples on a deeper and more personal level. This allows both you and I to get comfortable with one another and decide whether we are a good fit before the big day. Being able to be your weird selves with me is how I photograph your genuine personalities and love for each other. Comfortablity and honesty is the core of my work. What better way to get to know your photographer than by getting amped on coffee! So dress comfy (PJ’s are cool too), and come meet me! I will most likely be ready and waiting for you at an empty table with a messy bun in my hair.

We have never had our pictures taken. What if we are awkward?

Warning: it may be nearly impossible for you to be awkward around me. I am a naturally silly person! If there is at least one thing I can guarantee, it is that with me there will never be an awkward silence!

I encourage you to be yourselves. There is no proper or correct way to act, be, or look in your photos. If you have a goofy kind of love, then be goofy! Pick on each other, tickle each other, and laugh until your cheeks hurt. If you are the more intimate and quite couple, then be that. Quite moments filled with snuggles are always a favorite of mine. I will help direct you into a position, but I will never pose you. You will never be still. I like to give little tasks that help encourage you to keep moving, such as keeping your hands in constant motion (running them through each others hair, running them along each others face and waist, or even something as simple as swaying side to side together). I like to ask emotion provoking questions through out the session. Questions in which the two of you can think about and then discuss aloud amongst each other as I continue to shoot around you. To put it simple, my main method of madness is just getting the two of you warmed up and relaxed. Then, before you know it, you begin sinking into one another and forgetting that you are even getting your pictures taken.

When is the best time of day for my session?

Early morning sunrise or late evening sunset. This is when the sun is at its prettiest! You want to avoid high noon sunlight and instead soak up some soft glows and warm fuzzy rays.

How do we choose a location for our session?

Start by thinking about the feel you want. Are you city people? Are you nature people? What do you do for fun? If your idea of adventure is coffee shops and running through downtown then start thinking of some of your favorite urban locations. If your leisure time is spent camping, hiking or at the beach then lets think of some scenic rural locations. If you are unsure, I can help! I have a whole list of locations, big to small, in which I can offer up as ideas.

Can we bring our dog(s) to our session?

Heck yes!!! All furry friends are welcome! Please allow for at least 5 minutes at the beginning of your session for me to give my hello’s and cuddles!

How do we dress for our session?

Come as yourselves, be yourselves. If you are not the fancy type, then don’t come dressed in a suit and tie/evening gown. Dress cute and comfy. You want to compliment one another with your colors but never match. Consider your surroundings. You want to stand out. You are the main focus. Layers and accessories make a great addition to any session! Articles of clothing that create motion are the way to my heart! Flowy summer dresses and shirts create another dimension to your images by incorporating motion. If you are unsure about what to wear, you can always send me pictures of your potential clothing options. In fact, I love when couples do this! I am willing to give my input and make the wardrobe process a little less stressful. Also, give a little visit to my Pintrest page. There you can view my “Engagement Session” album and check out what some of my previous couples have worn.


What if we need to reschedule our session?

- The weather is raining on our parade.
Fear not! I come stacked with two cute clear plastic umbrellas and my handy dandy grocery bag camera protector. Rainy sessions are some of my all time favorites! The mood and atmosphere that rain creates is to die for! Instead of shying away, lets take full advantage!

*I am always sure to check in on the day of with my clients a few hours before our session to gage their thoughts on the weather. If it’s storming or blizzarding (you never know in Chicagoland), then we will find the next best date to reschedule.

- You weren’t expecting the unexpected.
That is quite all right. I do understand life happens and the unexpected can occur. All I ask is that you let me know at the earliest possible convenience. I am more than willing to work with you to find another available date for your session based on my schedule.

How long until we receive our images?

For weddings, you can expect to receive your images within 4-6 weeks after your big day. All other sessions expect 1-2 weeks. Turn around time is completely dependent on the season and my current work load. Be sure to always keep and eye out on my Facebook or Instagram page for sneak peaks!

Do you provide digital files?

Yes! I offer digital high-resolution JPG images. There are two ways to receive your digital files based upon the session or package you choose. Once you receive your images through either method, you can share them with family and friends, make them into an album, print, etc.

This is an easy to use photo sharing website. With Pixieset, you can directly download and save your photos onto your computer or any device.

Once your images are completed, I mail the USB out to you in cute little packaging.

Will we receive every image taken from our session?

No. When booking me, you trust me to curate the best of the best images from your day. I promise you, I do not withhold any images of value or importance. Images with eyes closed or unflattering positions/expressions are deleted immediately. As for the rest, they will be edited and thoughtfully incorporated into your unique portfolio. You will receive the images in a well-ordered succession of your day so you can relive your moments from start to finish.

What are your rates?

I have a wide variety of package options based on the amount of hours you are looking for. Each wedding and session is different. Contact me directly for more in depth details and pricing.

Current wedding packages range from $2000-$4000.

Destinations & Elopements.
Each destination session is unique. More information is required. Contact me directly.

Engagement, Anniversary, Family, Portrait.
Full sessions start at $400. Mini sessions (30 min) are also available.

Should we add on a second photographer for our wedding day?

This is entirely up to you based on your wants and needs. I encourage you to think about the number of guests invited, the venue, and the timeframe of your day. A second photographer is a very popular option because he/she can capture even more of those small candid moments with family and friends through out the day. If you are unsure, lets chat further and I can tell you all about when a second shooter would best come in handy on your big day.

Should we add an engagement session to our wedding package?

I will say that a major benefit to booking an engagement session is that you get an insight into how I shoot and what it will be like with me photographing you on your big day. This gives you the opportunity to get comfortable with me as well as in front of the camera. Adding an engagement session is a great idea for many couples, but the decision is yours. If you already had engagements done or simply are not interested then that is perfectly fine too!

Do you require a contract and/or deposit?

Yes. If we are a great match then I want to make sure you are locked in! I require a signed contract and deposit to secure your wedding date. Once received, your day will be marked in my calendar! Deposits are ¼ of package price and come directly out of your total. The remainder of the total can be paid on the day of or any date prior. For engagement, anniversary, family, or portrait sessions I require a signed contract only and payment is due on the day of the session.